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Lyrics of a song Powerman 5000 - Construction of the masses Pt1 and 2 Into and Interlude

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Alba s touto skladbou: Destroy What You Enjoy,

Well, I've read the books and stared back at the phony looks and heard all the corny hooks from the north south east and the west. The exact impact of the stacks of facts can not be tracked or calculated into this burning sun. NO! Six billion people, twelve billion arms, one golden smile, snake charm they must be up to no good. The lawyers and the cancer, the lip syncing break dancers. Life is not a recreation. My philosophy of catastrophe no doubt is coming after me, but I can chop that down like a family tree. The givers, the takers, the losers, money makers, not to be crass but it's the construction of the masses that gives them the need to sweat or succeed, get fat or just bleed. From rags to riot in three easy step, now check this out. The whores might be hustlers and the hustlers might be the whores but if words fall on deaf ears then I am the deafest of them all.

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