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Lyrics of a song Play - Don't Stop The Music

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This little girl didn’t care what anybody said
She got the whole world dancing to the music in her head, yeah
They loved to trash her bad, laugh at her and call her names
And now they all try to copy her, isn't that a shame
It only made her stronger

Don’t stop, stop the music
The world will keep turning if you use it, get out there and
Don't stop, stop the music
People keep dancing, you can do it
Baby come on
Baby come on

He knew that he was different
This sucker couldn't win
They didn't dig his vision
They tried to fit him in
But there's no room for losers
Until they make you change
And then you love them
Tell me how much longer

You've got a perfect mind
you've got a perfect smile
You're unlike anybody, got your own shine
come on

If you just keep on dancing, then you won't feel no pain
Baby it's your decision, only you can break the chain

-Part A-
Musics like love floating in the air
You can reach out grab it everywhere
You were put here on earth
To make goodness for people
Better make it worth living
While the worlds still spinning
Come on

(Part A starts, then Chous)

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