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Lyrics of a song Rachael Yamagata - Paper Doll

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Only daughter
You got your ticket too soon
Holy Water
'Cause everybody's getting ruined
They are waiting to see what you do
Too long, waiting

Everybody's cleared the room
And they'll dress you up
Stand you in all the right places
Words like honey
Smile as they change your faces
With no regard to you at all
And you find they treat you like a paper doll

And they'll dress you up for the flight
Like Ophelia, you wave goodnight
With the earth and sky you cheer and cry
Writhe as all your days go by
And laugh as you die

Sweet softer shoulder,
Oh sweet sugar safe

Everybody's got their own life philosophy
And I can't wait 'til I find one coming from me
Oh, the bridge is narrow
You better not look down
'Cause as soon as you jump over
You won't find nobody around
Oh, the bridge is narrow
And you've got so far to fall
And you know down in dirty water's
No place for a paper doll

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