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Lyrics of a song Psycroptic - The Labyrinth

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Tumbling deep into a darkened nightmare
Unconsciously your soul lost in your dream
You can hear the details of your dream told
You are inside of a Labyrinth
Lost within a maze created in your mind
You know that you are not alone, you feel a vile force
The voice you heard has told you, he is darkness borne
Escape is necessary, or sleep you will
For eternity you will dream your life
What's outside, you don't know
Who fucking cares, you must get out
There is vines growing on the walls
Ground opens up and through you fall
Into another part of the maze
Instantly you start your search again
The sky above a dirty grey
No clouds or stars, no lunar rays
You travel on along the path so dark
The vines are gone, now razorblades cover the wall
The ground is alive, a lawn of knives
Run side to side, trying to avoid-

(Dream changes perspective)
The slicing blades, his skin will tear
The pain pushed aside, shrouded by fear
And know he cries for help and salvation from this hell
He falls down onto the ground
Knives pierce his chest and face; body a chamber of pain
The knives disappear. Entangled in chaotic torture
Suddenly he hears an approaching beat of hooves
Then a sword appears in his hand. He thanks god
But in this place there is no god or saviour
The evil is coming for him, now he must fight
Sees a shadow getting closer. A cloaked figure
Riding a dark steed, path getting wider, more room to die
His only hope, the sword by his side
The cloaked figure dismounts from his horse
"You will fight me to the death," he says with glee
Removes his hooded clothing, revealing himself with pride
A rancid glowing demon, hatred in his eyes
Takes his sword from the strapping on his back

(Return of perspective)
You stand sword raised, poised for his attack
Sets himself and lunges forward
You step aside, he swings around
Blade flies again, slices your leg
Unbalanced foe- cut off his head.
He falls down, you have won
Victory small, you're still trapped
You cannot escape the maze, endless void
You'll never awake. -Dreaming-
Inside- the Labyrinth-
Lost for- Eternity............................

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