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Lyrics of a song Power Quest - Better days

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Talk about a better day
Don't know what you heard
In the end your actions speak louder than words
Do you want the easy way
You're so unprepared
Let me know when you have decided to care

[Chorus I:]
I'm never giving in
I'm reaching for the stars
I'll never falter now
I've come so far

[Chorus II:]
Living the life that I've got to live
All I've ever dreamed of
Giving it all that I've got to give

Thought about another way
Could I break the rules
Time to be the master, not one of the fools
Only getting older
Will not be afraid
In the end there's nothing that can't be changed

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

[Solo / Interlude]

[Chorus I]
[Chorus II]
[Chorus II]

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