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Lyrics of a song Paula Abdul - High School Crush

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Alba s touto skladbou: Head Over Heels,

Look out my window
Rain comin' down
Waitin' at the corner
Kids all wearin' their frowns

Just another Monday
Goin' to school
Till you come along
Kickin' your heels
Lookin' my way makin' me feel real

You made me blush
You were my high school crush

Billy got married
Lizzy left town
Barrie went to New York City
She's dancin' around

You went off to college
To conquer the world
I stayed home
Thinkin' 'bout you
Now you're back
What am I gonna do?

You made me blush
You were my high school crush

Now give me back my dream
Ooh, how the tables turned
I see your eyes
And I feel the burn

One thing I know for sure
They'll never find a cure
For what I got for you
My love is true

You made me blush
But that was high school (yeah)
I loved you so much
But time is changing all the rules
Enough is enough
This ain't no high school crush

This time now I'm ready to be with you

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