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Lyrics of a song Patty Smyth - Tough Love

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Alba s touto skladbou: The Weekend Friday, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, Babylon And On (UK Release), Babylon And On, Tough Love (Deluxe Version), Tough Love EP, Casey James,

You got tough love on your sideAnd your eyes are open wideA rebel with a causeWhere the sound tracks sirensAnd wrapped around the well heart you holdThe mean streets won't catch you coldAnother story in the naked cityYou got the cureWhere there's no pityWell it's a soldier's battle zoneTake aim to prove you're not aloneNo prisoners, no fugitivesAnd you're face to face with victoryHearts like a world you come to sayThe kamikaze pilot crashesAs a phoenix rises from the ashesCHORUS:Tough love, you're hard to beatYou're worth the fightIt hits you where it hurtsOh are you tough enough, tough enoughTough love, you're hard to beatYou're worth the fightSoul surrender to your heartYou're tough enough, tough enoughTake it up against the ropesI've been there where you hold your hopesWhere the fires of passionburns the waiting heartWe can break the red tape hustleNow that's my kind of muscleThe stamina to end the runnin'The armor when the night comes gunnin'To steal your eyes with blind ambitionBeat you down with competitionYou got tough love on your sideWhen your eyes see redAnd on dead-end streetsAnd hunger feeds the heart that beatsMy one-to-one drumClears my wayCHORUS

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