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Lyrics of a song Parody - Hunger games parody - Britney Spears I wanna go

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Peeta, I love katniss everdin
So you better back down cause this is more than a fling, so just deal with it
Gale, she's the hottest girl in Distrct 12
What makes you think she could fall for a muttation like yourself , She's all mine

Such beautiful eyes
I'll bake you pies
Joey and Luke
We're just two guys

I I I Wanna Ta a ake , You A Way ay ay
Take you from the hunger games
I I I Will fight, Take aw ay ay ay
the pain you're feeling tonight

I wanna baa a ke you, you a ca a ake
For you to eat in the hunger games

I just Sho o o t, you a squirrel
shot it from a mile away

Two hot guys for me to run between
There's no shortage in my District if you know what I mean
I am on fire

Gale is the only hunter boy that I see
But I get Peeta's buns in my oven for free
Must I choose one?

Such Beautiful eyes
I'll bake you pies
Were just two guys

I (I I) wanna gi-i-ive
You a cause
a cause that's worth dying for

don't need
to fight
You can both have me tonight

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