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Lyrics of a song Painface - Fallen Silent

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Close enough to paste the picture on tight -
centered on the one thats dripping down.
Holes, once showing bitter, breathing blacklight
sputter out and cease to make a sound.
Shrinkwrap, it seems redeems it's former ignorance -
blindly binding where everyelse has failed.
The pipes that hold the anger with indifference
slam it down like a coffin nail.

Pain, the pain i feel when its going down.
Listen to the line, as its winding down.
Stain, the stain that grows as its dripping down.
The mouths that cried my name have fallen silent.

Out in the hailstorm that's my life,
the voices blow my brain out like a 9.
I pull hard on my will and my fleshknife.
I'd hate to be the one who missed that sign.
Torture, it seems, redeems it's former self-control -
blindly bleeding and burning out my rage.
I know I can stand. I know I can cope.
I know I can take. I know I can deal with the -

(chorus, chorus)

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