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Lyrics of a song Poisonblack - Pain Becomes Me

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Alba s touto skladbou: Lust Stained Despair,

All this time, I've been dreaming of it
All this time, it's been haunting in my head
Tempting me, inviting me
To fall asleep in its arms
To fall from grace
To breathe its ever dimming dusk

Through my eyes, you could see the hurt I crave
Through my eyes, you'd see there's nothing left to save
I heard you said there's a light up ahead
But im heading towards a dead end
I just can't say no
I just can't let go for its got me mend

I crave, therefore I am
And that is all I ever feel
I hope you'd understand
One love, one pain, one memory
I toast to misery
As I dig into the devils bone
And for eternity
The pain he gave me
Why won't it leave me alone

Leave me alone

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