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List lyrics of artist Placebo

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The list of albums: Ostatní, Placebo, Without You I'm Nothing, Black Market Music, Covers, Sleeping With Ghosts, Once More With Feeling, Meds, Battle for the Sun, B3EP,

English Summer Rain
2 4 6 8
20 Century Boy
20 Years
20th Century Boy
36 Degrees
5 Years
A Million Little Pieces
A Song To Say Goodbye
All Apologies
Allergic (to Thoughts Of Mother Earth)
Ashtray Heart
Ask For Answers
Ballad Of Melody Nelson
Battle For The Sun
Beacuse I Want You
Because I Want You
Been Smokin' Too Long
Been Smoking Too Long
Begin the End
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Billy Chic
Bitter End
Black Eyed
Black Market Blood
Black-Eyed (Placebo Vs Le Vibrator Mix)
Blind (správne)
Blue American
Breathe Underwater
Brick Shithouse
Bright Lights
Broken Promise
Bruise Pristine
Bruise Pristine (1" Punch Mix)
Bruise Pristine (Radio Edit)
Bruise Pristine_cz
Bullet Proof Cupid
Bulletproof Cupid
Bulletproof Cupid Bass
Bullreproof Cupid
Burger Queen
Burger Queen ( French Version )
Burger Queen - Nokia
Burger Queen francais
Burger Queen_cz
Carbon Kid
Come Home
Come Undone
Comercial To Levi
Commercial For Levi
Daddy Cool
Dark Globe
Days Before You Came
Devil in the Details
Drink You Pretty
Drowning By Numbers
Embrasse Moi
English summer rain
English Summer Rain (Freelance Hellraiser Remix)
English Summer Rain - trochu Presnejšie
English Summer Rain_cz
Every me and every you
Every Me And Every You_cz
Every Me Every You (lepší Verze S Normálním Lazením)
Every You Every Me
Every You Every Me (Infected By The Scourge Of The Earth)
Every You Every Me 2 - Nokia
Evil Dildo
Exit Wounds
Eyesight To The Blind
First Day (feat. Brian Molko)
Five Years
Flesh Mechanic
Follow The Cops Back Home
For What It's Worth
Fuck U
Hang On To Your IQ
Hang On To Your Iq (demo)
Hang on your IQ
Happy You're Gone
Hare Krishna
Hold on to me
Holocaust Big Star Cover
I Do
I Feel You
I Know
I Know You Want To Stop
I'll Be Yours
In A Funk
In The Cold Light Of Morning
Infra Red
I´ll Be Yours
Jackie (Sinead O'Connor Cover)
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
Jesus Loves Me
Johnny & Mary
Johnny And Mary
Johnny And Mary - Nokia
Kangaroo Died
Kings of Medicine
Kitsch Object
Kitty Litter
Lady Of The Flowers
Lady Of The Flowers - Nokia
Little Mo
Little Mo - Nokia
Long Division
Loud Like Love
Mars Landing Party
Mars Landing Party - Nokia
Miss Money Penny
Miss Moneypenny
My Nancy Boy
My Sweet Princ
My Sweet Prince - bass
Nancy Boy
Nancy Boy (Radio Edit)
Nancy Boy (Sex Mix)
Nancy Boy 1 - Nokia
Nancy Boy 2 - Nokia
No Other God
One Of A Kind
One Of A Kind - CZ
One Of Kind Na Basu ( Snad Podobá)
Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive Bass
Peeping Tom
Pierrot The Clown
Pierrot The Clown (správne)
Pity party (Bonus track)
Plaisir Damour
Post Blue
Protège Moi
Protect me from what I want
Protect Me From What I Want (french Version)
Protege Moi
Pure Morning
Pure Morning (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
Pure Morning 1 - Nokia
Pure Morning 2 - Nokia
Requiem For A Jerk
Rob the bank
Running Up That Hill
Running up the hill
Scared Of Girls
Scene of the Crime
Second sight
Second Sight_cz
Slacker Bitch
Slave To The Wage
Slave To The Wage (I Can't Believe It's A Remix)
Slave To The Wage 1 - Nokia
Slave To The Wage 2 - Nokia
Slave To The Wage_cz
Sleeping with ghosts
Smile With Jane Birkin
Something Rotten
Song to say goodbay
Soul Mates
Space Monkey
Space Monkey- Right
Speak in Tongues
Special K
Special K (Timo Maas Remix)
Special K 1 - Noka
Special K 2 - Nokia
Special K Bass
Special K-oprava
Special Needs
Special Needs (jina Verze Prekladu :o)
Special Needs - Naj Preklad
Special Needs - Výnimočné Potreby - Lepší Preklad
Spite & Malice
Spite & Malice
Spite And Malice
Splite And Malice
Summer 's Gone
Summer's Gone
Summer's Gone_cz
Summer`s Gone
Swallow (Designer/U-Sheen mix)
Taste In Men
Taste In Men (Alpinestars Kamikaze Skimix)
Teaser (''ochutnávka'')
Teenage Angst
Teenage Angst - Nokia
The Ballad Of Melody Nelson
The Bitter End
The Bitter End - Celý Text
The Bitter End - Nokia
The Bitter End 2- Nokia
The Crawl
The Extra
The Metric System
The movie on your eyelids
The Never-Ending Why
The Picture
Theme From Funky Reverend
Then The Clouds Will Open For Me
Then The Clouds Will Open Up For Me
Then The Clouds Will Pen For Me
This Picture
This Picture (Junior Sanchez Remix)
This Picture_cz
Time is money
Too Many Friends
Trigger Happy Hands
Twenty Years
Vivre Son Histoire
Voting Doesn't Work
Waiting For The Son Of Man
Where Is My Mind
Where Is My Mind? [XFM live version]
Where Si My Mind
Without You I Am Nothing
Without You I'm Nothing
Without You I'm Nothing (UNKLE Remix)
Without You I´m Nothing
Without You, I'm Nothing (Bez Teba nie som ničím)
Would´n Be Good
You Don't Care About Us
You Don't Care About Us - Lepší Preklad
You Don't Care About Us- Nokia
You Don`t Care About Us
You Don´t Care About Us

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