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Lyrics of a song Paragon - Intro / Impaler

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Alba s touto skladbou: Revenge,

1877, a cold and moonlit night
The woods of siebenbürgen the beast prepares to strike
Afflicted with a curse - a creature with no name
A tortured soul inside - screaming out in pain

Burning eyes with deadly intent
I will track ya! I will get ya!
Cloaked in darkness
Lurking below in it's lair

My mind is set - the aim is vengeance
The mission is to hunt and to kill
Destroy the evil spawn of Lucifer
Driven on by an iron will
I'm the Impaler

My hands are gripping tight on the crucifix
My heart is beating faster - I'm here in the crypt
The light of my torch casts shadows on the wall
Tracking down the coffin in the ancient Hall

(Bridge 2)
Open the casket - I stare in his face
I will track ya! I will get ya!
Raising the hammer
Ending the reign of despair

Pounding a stake straight through his heart
Black blood spurts in my Face
Centuries of evil come to an end
Demise of an unholy race.


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