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List lyrics of artist Sally Oldfield

A Million Light Years Away From Home
Andromeda Rising
Answering You
Bird of paradise
Break Through The Rock
Child Of Allah
Clear Light
Digging for Gold
Fire And Honey
First Born Of The Earth
Flaming Star
Giving All My Love
Guiding Star
Hid And Seek
I'm Leaving
Ice On Fire
In The Heat Of The Night
In The Presence Of The Spring
Its A Long Time
Keep The Fire Burning
Let It All Go
Let It Begin
Love Is Everywhere
Love Of A Lifetime
Man Of Storm
Meet Me In Verona
Million Miles From Home
My Damsel Heart
My Drumbeat Heart
Mystic Drum
Night Of The Hunter's Moon
One to the power of one
Path With A Heart
Playing In The Flame
Rare Lightning
River Of My Childhood
Samurai of the Sun
Silver Dagger
Sometimes I'm A Woman
Song Of The Being
Song Of The Healer
Song Of The Lamp
Song Of The Mountain
Songs Of The Quendi I: Night Theme
Songs Of The Quendi II: Wampum Song
Songs Of The Quendi III: Nenya
Songs Of The Quendi IV: Land Of The Sun
Sons Of The Free
Strangers In The Dawn
Summer Of Love
The Bouleward Song
The Sun In My Eyes
This Is My Song
Three Rings
Two Different Drummers
Water Bearer
Woman Of The Night
You Break Like A Wave
You Set My Gipsy Blood Free

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