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Lyrics of a song Wynter Gordon - Frustrated

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I, have no one else to blame so I blame you
I'm about to loose my MIIIND
??The wait is fine, yeah ??
Dude, my freaking car is stalled, the tire blew
This must be a SIIIIIGN
You wreck my life, Yeah

The last thing that I want to do
Is call your phone and talk to you
Yes, no way, or maybe I can let go
I'm unemployed as of today
I think you just ?? stood in my way??
If you would just love me my life would change

I want you if you don't want me
Ill wait right here until you do
Just because I love you all the blame is on you
I'm Frustrated

Why do I seem so invisible to you
Everyday is just like TIIIIIME
You pass me by. OOOOooO
Dude, my freaking ?? car is all in flames to you???
There's nothing going RIIIIGHT
Cause you're not mine, OOOOooO

I'm willing to give you everything inside of my heart
The choice is easy, so why you gotta make it so hard
You turn me upside down, my life is shaken now
I want your love, I want it here right here right now

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