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Lyrics of a song Within Temptation - Pale

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The Dmiworld seems Cnot the Dmisame
Emithough I Amiknow notGhing has Fchanged.
It's Dmiall my Cstate of Dmimind
Emi 34ff I don't Amileave it Gall beFhind.

DmiHave to stand up to be Emistronger.

Have to Amitry to break free
from the thoughts in my Fmind
use the time that I have
I can Dmisay goodGbye.
Have to Fmake it right.
Have to Amifight, cause I know
in the end it's worthFwhile
that the pain that I feel
slowly Dmifades aGway.
It will Fbe alright.

I Dmiknow, should CreaDmilise
Emitime is Amiprecious, it Gis worthFwhile.
DeDmispite how I Cfeel inDmiside
Emihave to Amitrust it will Gbe alFright.

DmiHave to stand up to be Emistronger.


Oh, this Eminight is too Glong
I have no Dstrength to go Hmion.
No more Emipain, I'm Afloating aHmiway.
Through the Emimist I see the Gface
of an Dangel, who calls my Hminame.
I reEmimember you're the Areason I have to Hmistay.


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