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Lyrics of a song Wayne Wonder - The Mood Is Right

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Wayne Wonder baby
Slow-ow, slow-ow
Sing slow, left side, esco, for tha ladies
Baby, slow-ow, slow-ow
Hmmm, hmmm

The mood is right (so right, so right)
So let's get it on tonight
I'm gonna take my time (take my time girl)
So baby gimme what i like (what i like)

Verse 1:
Something about the way you move, captured me
I'm like a slave for your love, that you can't set free
Darling everytime you, are around me
It feels so devine
You send chills up my spine


Verse 2:
Baby anytime that we're apart
I always wanna feel, all of your tender touch
You know I want it so much
Baby now that we are together, right here, right now
I wanna make up for lost times, with you tonight


So good, so right (so good, so right)
So good, so good, so right (so good, so good, so right)
{Repeat 1}


Verse 1

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