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Lyrics of a song Waltari - Without Lies

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Alba s touto skladbou: Below Zero , Below Zero,

Don't even try to measure my overraised blood pressure
No reason to find a good enough explanation
How dare you to say that animals are your only friends?!
'cause they would still respect the other members of their own species

Alive, in a life without lies
I will give up living with tears in my eyes
Alive, in a life without lies
I will give up wearing this fatal disguise

They don't see around them, they walk like numb, so blind
They don't even really feed your kids, they milk you, starving from behind
Humanity is overrated, it's built for people like you
Who just have too much and nothing, only this twisted screen to live through

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You are reflecting your lonely world through this black negative lence
Don't you know you've been cheated by your own mind's black prince
Your mom and dad never did have any time, overloaded by society
Who stupidly taught them: The only thing is big money and property
But like with eating , you live what you say, you still always reap what you sow
And now you're just repeating your dearly beloved father's faults
Now we do have a problem for sure: We're not gonna take it no more!
Just makes me angry to see you did not have the guts to save your bloody score


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