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Lyrics of a song Svart Crown - BURNING MESSIAH

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Alba s touto skladbou: Ages of Decay,

My flesh, my soul, my truth
My pride, no place, my faith

My flesh sentenced to burn
Mu soul's condemned to suffer
My truth has now become a lie

My pride will turn to shame
No place for redemption
My faith will always remain

Believe and wait for the damned
To christen you in fire and blood

That is not dead which can eternal lie
But yet with strange eons
Even death may (die), even death may (die)

The awakening is near
He do not dream anymore
Waiting in his dark lair
For the world to set on fire

My role on this earth now takes his end
As my body turns to ashes
Anthems to the elder ones resound around me
Burning messiah

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