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Lyrics of a song Sorrowstorm - Breed The Tyrants

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Men who's predecessors taught them lies
Savage minds of terror bring demise
Following the pagan ways of life
Birth of the enemy: The Tyrants

Ever since the fall, evil beings have walked the earth
Godless men with evil plans, terrorizing the innocent

Raging floods destroyed the world
Nations perished under God's wrath
Sodom encountered its demise
And still, evil men did not die out
Rejecting wisdom of the oldest days
Embracing what is heathen: The tyrants!

Uncharted lands beyond me, and climates of the past
Differing in contents, where God's creation lasts
Everywhere in cities and towns beneath the sky
Evil men are living and worshipping their lies
Stirring, oppression, destruction of our homes
Breeding those who engage in war with fathers of their own
Ascending to power to torment those below
These evil men obey their flesh.

In this age of increased awareness, evil lurks in the mightiest of places
Corrupted minds control our towns and rulers lose thier minds
Breed the malice in their souls, unwelcome by the wise

"All of us, in some way, possess the evil locked up in our nature.
Keep the wisdom, reject the lies of the tyrants."

Ever since the fall, evil beings have walked the earth
Godless men with evil deeds, terrorizing the innocent.

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