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Lyrics of a song Simon & Garfunkel - Boxer

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Alba s touto skladbou: American Slang,

CI am just a poor boy though my story's seldom Amtold
I have Gsquandered my resistance
For a G7pocket full of G6mumbles, such are Cpromises
All lies and 1f53 Amjest, still a Gman hears what he Fwants to hear
And disregards the Crest G, G7, G6, C

When I Cleft my home and my family, I was no more than a Amboy
In the Gcompany of strangers
In the G7quiet of a G6railway station, Crunning scared
Laying Amlow, seeking Gout the poorer Fquarters
Where the ragged people Cgo
Looking Gfor the places G7only Fthey would Cknow

Lie la Amlie, Lie la Emlie la lie la lie, Lie la Amlie,
GLie la lie la la la la, lie Fla la la la Clie.

Asking Conly workman's wages I come looking for a Amjob
But I get no Goffers
Just a G7come-on from the G6whores on Seventh CAvenue
I do deAmclare, there were Gtimes when I was Fso lonesome
I took some comfort Cthere

GLie lie lie lie la F, F, C

Then I'm Claying out my winter clothes and wishing I was Amgone
GoingGhome where theG7New York City wintersG6aren't Cbleeding me Em
Leading Amme, to going Ghome G7 C

In the Cclearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his Amtrade
And he Gcarries a reminder of ev'ry G7glove that laid him down
Or Ccut him till he cried out in his anger and his Amshame
I am Gleaving, I am Fleaving
But the fighter still reCmains mmmGmm mmmm G7 C

Lie La....

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