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Lyrics of a song Element 101 - This Time Around

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could it be the way you oppose me like you do.
how can i see principle in you.
when you're quiet when i'm crying hard.
so if you want to hold me now and treat me like you do.
go on reach out anxious.
this time around is tearing me inside, gone to you.
too quick my day is moving in this way.
you don't know what i mean maybe.
if you could see what i see.
tearing you away i know i'm wrong, wrong, wrong.
could it be the way i oppose you like i do.
suppose i'm wrong, will i be feeling you breathing.
heartbeat breaking down my door.
you're something in the air.
even when i'm running from you.
go on, go on, say it, break me down.
could it be a piercing subtle holding in the soul.
but i've found in you something sure and still fighting.
your promises are golden true.

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