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Lyrics of a song Bryan Adams - East Side Story

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Alba s touto skladbou: Room Service, Best Of Me (Tour Edition),

Intro: B, F# ,C#m ,E.
Verse 1: BThere was this girl i usF#ed to see
C#midown on 42End street
Bshe'd walk by on her wF#ay to work
and make the C#miair smell so sE 1f5d weet

I used to sit in a coffee shop
sometimes i'd have a cup
when she'd got by she'd light up the sky
like the sun coming up

she'd be standing by the bus stop
driver opened up the door
i'd just sit and watch her
getting on the 104

BI wanna give her my F#number
C#miwanna tell her my nEame
Bwanna climb on board that cF#ross-town bus
C#mitake a chance she feels the F#same

Chorus:, BIts just aF#nother east side C#mi, Estory
Beverybodys F#got a tale to teC#mi, F#ll
Band like a hF#undred guys befC#miroe meE
B, F#i fell under her sC#mipellF#
Its just another east side story
Verse 2:( Chords same as 1st verse )
Some things you hold on to
some you just let go
seems like the ones which you cant have
are the ones you want the most

I think about her sometimes
i wonder if she was real
and if i ever find her
i'm gonna tell her how i feel

Verse 3:C#m
Its still the same old story
its still the same old game
Eup there on the east side
F#life goes on the same
C#miShe never knew my number
never ever knew my name
Eshe climbed on board that cross-town bus
i nF#ever saw her again

Ending:B, F#, C#mi Its just anoEther east side stoBry.

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