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List lyrics of artist UB 40

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The list of albums: Signing Off, Present Arms, UB44, Labour Of Love, Geffery Morgan..., Baggariddim, Rat In The Kitchen, Labour Of Love II, Promises And Lies, Guns In The Ghetto,

12 bar
After Tonight
All I Want To Do
Always There
As Always You Were Wrong Again
Bling Bling
Boom Shacka Lacka
Breakfast In Bed
Bring It On Home To Me
Bring Me Your Cup
Burden of shame
Cause It Isnt True
Cest La Vie
Cherry Oh Baby
Come Back Darling
Come Out To Play
Contaminated Minds
Cover Up
Cream Puff
Dance Until The Morning Light
Desert Sand
Dont Blame Me
Dont Break My Heart
Dont Do The Crime
Dont Let It Pass You By
Dont Slow Down
Drop On By
End Of War
Everything Is Better Now
Falling In Love With You (I Can't Help)
Fight Fe Come In
Food for thought
Forget The Cost
Friendly Fire
Good Situation
Gotta Tell Someone
Guns In The Ghetto
Hand That Rocks The Cradle
Here I Am Come And Take Me
Here We Go Again
Higher Ground
Hip Hop Lyrical Robot
Hold Your Position
Homely Girl
Hurry Come On Up
I Cant Help Falling In Love With You
I Got You Babe
I Knew You
I Love It When You Smile
I Really Cant Say
I Shot The Sheriff
I think its going to rain today
I Wont Close My Eyes
I Would Do For You
If It Happens Again
Ill Be On My Way
Ill Be There
Im Not Fooled So Easily
Im On The Up
Impossible Love
Instant Radical Change Of Perception
Its A Long Long Way
Ive Been Missing You
Johnny Too Bad
Just Another Girl
Just Be Good
Keep On Moving
Kingston Town
Kiss And Say Goodbye
Lambs Bread
Let Me Know
Light My Fire
Little by little
Look At Me
Looking Down At My Reflection
Lost And Found
Love Is All Is Alright
Lyric Officer
Madame medusa
Magic Carpet
Man Next Door
Many Rivers To Cross
Matter Of Time
Mi Spliff
Nothing Without You
Now And Then
Oh America
Once Around
One In Ten
One Woman Man
Oracabessa Moonshine
Please Dont Make Me Cry
Plenty More
Present Arms
Promises And Lies
Rainbow Nation
Rat In Mi Kitchen
Red Red Wine
Reefer madness
Reggae Music
Riddle Me
She Caught The Train
Signing off
Silent Witness
Since I Met You Lady
Sing Our Own Song
Singer Man
Sins Of The Fathers
Slow Down
Smile For Me
So Destructive
So Here I Am
Someone Like Me
Something More Than This
Sparkle Of My Eyes
Stick By Me
Strange fruit
Sweet Cherrie
Sweet Sensation
Swing Low
Tears From My Eyes
Tell It Like It Is
Tell Me Is It True
The Buzz Feeling
The Day I Broke The Law
The Earth Dies Screaming
The Elevator
The Key
The King Step
The Pillow
The Piper Calls The Tune
The Prisoner
The Road
The Tracks Of My Tears
The Way You Do The Things You Do
Things Aint Like They Used To Be
Things You Say You Love
This Is How It Is
Version Girl
Walk On Me Land
Walked In The Rain
War Poem
Waw Waw Waw
Wear You To The Ball
Wedding Day
Where Did I Go Wrong
Who You Fighting For
Write Off The Debt
You Could Meet Somebody
Young Guns
Your Eyes Were Open
Youre Always Pulling Me Down
Youre Not An Army

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