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Lyrics of a song Tevin Campbell - Another Way

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Early in the mornin' round 3 A.M.
Lying with a girl named Kim
With a glass of gin, sippin' on it
About to hit the skins
Now I'm all in

Telephone rang, was a girl named Jane
From around the way
How could I forget
Damn, am I caught?
"Is it time to quit?"
Runnin' through my head

I ain't tryin' to run around no more
Sick and tired of losing track of scores
Every time I turn around, the same old game
Another day
Thinkin' I just wanna settle down
Tired of living foul, it's over now
Said to myself there's gotta be another way

Later in the day, next case was a girl named Trace
Draped in lace, pink negligee
Spreadin' her legs
Drinkin' Perguoet
Callin' my name

Telephone rang,
She said that it was a friend on the other end
Sounding masculine
Couldn't believe
How could I pretend
Didn't hurt me

Finally, I can see there's another life for me
I don't wanna live this way
I feel it's time I made a change

I believe I can be a better man and I don't need
Every woman in the world
I gotta find myself a girl


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