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List lyrics of artist Sylver

The list of albums: Singles, Best Of-The Hit Collection CD , Sacrifice, Decade,

All This Time
Angel On My Shoulder
Angel On My Shoulder (in second edit of this album)
City of Angels
Dance with loneliness
Don't Call Me
Door de Wind (through the wind)
Drowning In My Tears
Easy way out
Except me
Foreign Affair
Forever In Love
Forever In Love (Green Court Radio Edit)
God's mistake
Half As Much
Heal My Heart
Hold Me In Your Arms
How could I be so wrong
Hungry heart
I Hate You Now
In Your Eyes
It takes two
It's My Live
Je Ne Sais Pas
Je Ne Sais Pas (French Ghost Track)
Josie And The Pussycats-you Don´t See Me
Keep your hands
Lay All Love On Me (Shaun Baker and Melino RMX)
Lay All Your Love On Me
Little Things
Livin' My Life
Living My Life
Living My Live (Green Coverage RMX)
Lonely Xmas
Love Is An Angel
Love Is An Angel (Groove Coverage Edit)
Make It
Mystery Of Tomorrow
Never Ever
On my own
One Night Stand
One of us
One World, One Dream
Rise Again
Sacrifice me
Say no
Seven tears
Shallow Water
So Afraid
Stop feeling sorry
Summer Solstice
Take Me Back
Thank you
The Edge Of Life
The One
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Time won't wait
Too much love
Turn The Tide
Turn The Tide (Airscape Radio Edit)
Turn The Tide (CJ STONE Radio EDIT)
Typical guy
Weeping Willows
Where Did I Go Wrong
Where Did The Love Go
Who Am I
Why Worry
Why Worry (Noemi Remix)
Wild Horses
You And I

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