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Lyrics of a song Sword - The End of the Night

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The way you live is the way you are
What you see through satanic eyes
Whispering turns into screaming
You look to the left and you look to the right
There is no escape but you're willing to fight
You seek the light of the blind men

Oh no the beast is out to get me
God knows this dream will turn out to be
The end of the night

The days and the years are passing by
I swept my tears of childish lies
Changes, I'm growing older
I think of death and suicide
I hear a scream it's from my mind
Remains, of past without future

Oh no dreams have turned to nightmare
God knows this dream will turn out to be
the end of the night

Now try to save your life it's time to fear the
evil you loved
If he gives you one more chance to live you'll
be born again

So when you think your life is a mess
Burning flame is your final rest,
Beware you're marked by the number
Into your soul belief is weak,
you lose control as you feel the heat
But still the wheel keeps on turning

[Repeat Chorus]

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