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Seznam karaoke textů písní interpreta Switchfoot

Seznam Alb: Legend of the chin,

Adding to the Noise
All Or Nothing At All
Amateur lovers
American dream
Amy's Song
Beautiful Letdown
Blinding Light
Bullet Soul
Burn Out Bright
Chem 6a
Company Car
Concrete Girl
Dare You to Move
Dark Horses
Dirty second hands
Don't Be There
Dont by there
Easier Than Love
Edge of My Seat
Enough To Let Me Go
Faust, Midas, and Myself
Goodnight Punk
Happy Is A Yuppie Word
Head over heels
Hello Hurricane
I Dare You To Move
I Turn Everything Over
Innocence Again
Learning To Breathe
Let It Out
Let That Be Enough
Let Your Love Be Strong Lyrics
Life and Love and Why
Living Is Simple
Lonely Nation
Love Alone Is Worth The Fight
Love Is The Movement
Meant to Live
Mess of Me
Might Have Ben Hur
Monday Comes Around
More Than Fine
Needle And Haystack Life
New Way To Be Human
Ode to Chin
Oh! Gravity
On Fire
Only Hope
Out Of Control
Playing For Keeps
Red Eyes
Rise Above It
Saltwater Heart
Say It Like You Mean It
Selling the news
Shadow Proves The Sunshine
Sing It Out
Slipping Away
Something More
Something More (Augustine's Confession)
Sooner or Later (Soren's Song)
The Beautiful Letdown
The Blues
The Economy of Mercy
The Fatal Wound
The Loser
The Original
The Setting Sun
The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
The Sound (John M. Perkins´ Blues)
The war inside
The World You Want
This Is Home
This Is Your Life
Under the Floor
Vice Verses
We Are One Tonight
When We Come Alive
Where I Belong
Who We Are
You (Always Something)
You Already Take Me There
Your Love Is A Song

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