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Seznam karaoke textů písní interpreta Swing Out Sisters

After Hours
All In Your Mind
Am I the Same Girl
Another Lost Weekend
Better Make It Better
Better Make It Better (in album Shapes and Patterns)
Between Strangers
Blue Mood
Closer Than the Sun
Communion It's Not Enough
Coney Island Man
Dirty Money
Don't Give Up On A Good Thing
Don't Let Yourself Down
Don't say the word
Everyday Crime
Everyday Crime (Inst)
Feel Free
Filth and Dreams
Fooled By A Smile
Forever Blue
Get In Touch With Yourself
Happy When You're High
Heart For Hire
Here and now
Icy Cold As Winter
If I Had the Heart
Incomplete Without You
It's Not Enough
Joe's Meek Cat
La La (Means I Love You)
Love Child
Low Down Dirty Business
Make You Stay
Making The Right Move
Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
Now You're Not Here
O Pesadelo Dos Autores
Ordinary People
Precious Words
Shapes and Patterns
Shapes and Patterns (Reprise)
Something Out Of This World
Somewhere In the World
Stone Soul Picnic
Stop and Think It Over
Sugar Free
That's the Way It Goes
The Kaleidoscope Affair
The Windmills of Your Mind
Twilight World
Waiting Game
We Could Make It Happen
When Morning Comes
Where In the World
Who Let the Love Out
Who's Been Sleeping
World Out of Control
You Already Know
You On My Mind

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