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Seznam karaoke textů písní interpreta Story Of The Year

Seznam Alb: The Constant,

A Silent Murder
A Silent Murder [Hidden Track]
And The Hero Will Drown
Angel in the Swamp
Anthem Of Our Dying Day
Apathy is a deathwish
Big Blue Monkey
Bonus Track
Burning Years
Choose your fate
Dive Right In
Divide And Conquer
Eye for an eye
Falling Down
Five Against the World
Holding On To You
Im alive
In Her Bedroom
In The Shadows
Is This My Fate? He Asked Them
Light Years Away
March of the Dead
Message to the world
Never Let It Go (Bonus track)
Nothing Can Fly
Nothing To Prove
Our Time Is Now
Page Avenue
Pale Blue Dot (Interlude)
Pay Your Enemy
Razorblades And Cupcakes
Remember A Time
Save One (Bonus track)
Silent Murder
So Far So Good
Story Of The Year
Sue Your Friends, Pay Your Enemy
Swallow The Knife
Take Me Back
Taste the Poison
Tell Me
Ten years down
The antidote
The black swan
The Children Sing
The Dream Is Over
The Ghost Of You and I
The Heart Of Polka Is Still Beating
The Truth Shall Set Me Free (Bonus track)
The Unheard Voice
The Virus (Bonus track)
Time Goes On
To the Burial
Tonight we fall Bonus track
Turn Up the Radio (Bonus track)
Unheard voice Bonus track
Until The Day I Die
Wake up
Wake Up the Voiceless
We are not gonna make it
We Don't Care Anymore
We don´t care anymore
Welcome To Our new war
Won Threw Ate
Your Unsung Friend

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