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Lyrics of a song Steve Harley - WHITE, WHITE DOVE

Rose and Cross - so is the battle lost?
Is there now no time to jive?
Rose and Cross - you know the price it's cost?
But the hope is still, the hope is still alive

Rosicrucius - is your story told?
Or is there still more to come?
Rosicrucius - from my simple soul
I shall eat the morning, eat the morning sun

Chorus: If I was ordered not to travel another mile
If I was told I could never see another city
There is one thing I'll always hold, that's the smile
Of the symbol that is peace, the white, white dove

Rose and Cross - can we ever toss
All our prejudice aside?
Rose and Cross - turn this petty loss
into hope and glory, hope and glory with pride?

Rosicrucians - paint your symbols fair
write your verses in the sand
Rosicrucians - you missed Baudelaire
But we still extend, we still extend our hand...

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