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Lyrics of a song Star One - Earth That Was

Alba s touto skladbou: Victims of the Modern Age,

[Damian Wilson:]
Mother Earth couldn't take no more
sucked dry by humanity
in the end she lost a fight
she was never going to win

we set out for distant shores
far across our galaxy
we're taking flight into the night
to the planets on the rim

a fire in the darkness
far away from the Earth that Was
a quest for freedom in the "Verse
seeking refuge from the earth

a fire in the darkness
a bright light on the edge of space
a desperate need to find our place
in the emptiness of space

out here on the fringe of space
the outskirts of society
we're suffering the aftermath
of a cataclysmic war

cast out by the human race
nine outlaw pioneers
making life in the outer worlds
running from the law

[Russell Allen:]
I see a fire in the darkness
a ray of hope in a black forbidding night
I see a fire in the darkness
a spark of life in a cold and empty sky

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