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List lyrics of artist Spock's Beard

4th Of July
A Guy Named Sid, Pt. 1: Intro
A Guy Named Sid, Pt. 2: Same Old Story
A Guy Named Sid, Pt. 3: You Don't Know
A Guy Named Sid, Pt. 4: Judge
A Guy Named Sid, Pt. 5: Sid's Boys Choir
A Guy Named Sid, pt. VI - Change
All Is Vanity
All On A Sunday
At The End Of The Day
Beware Of Darkness
Cakewalk On Easy Street
Can't Get It Wrong
Carry On
Crack The Big Sky
Day For Night
Devil's Got My Throat
Devil's Got My Throat - Revisited
East of Eden, West of Memphis
Feel Euphoria
Flow : True Believer
Flow :Into Fire
Flow: A Constant Flow of Sound
Flow: Into The Source
Freak Boy
Freak Boy - Part 2
From The Messenger
Ghosts of Autumn
Go The Way You Go
Goodbye To Yesterday
Harm's Way
Hurt (European bonus track)
I Will Go
I'm Dying
I'm The Guy
In the Mouth of Madness
Ladies And Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards
Lay It Down
Long Time Suffering
Looking For Answers
Love Beyond Words
Made Alive / Overture
Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back
Mommy Comes Back
Moth Of Many Flames
My Shoes
My Shoes (revisited)
On The Edge
Open The Gates - Part 2
Open Wide The Flood Gates
Second Overture
Shining Star
Snow's Night Out
Solitary Soul
Strange World
Stranger In A Strange Land
The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick)
The Bottom Line
The Distance To The Sun
The Doorway
The Good Don't Last : Intro
The Good Don't Last : The Good Don't Last
The Good Don't Last: The Radiant Is
The Great Nothing: I: From Nowhere
The Great Nothing: II: One Note
The Great Nothing: III: Come Up Breathing
The Great Nothing: IV: Submerged
The Great Nothing: V: Missed Your Calling
The Great Nothing: VI: The Great Nothing
The Gypsy
The Healing Colors Of Sound pt. 1
The Light: I: The Dream
The Light: III: Garden People
The Light: IV: Looking Straight Into The Light
The Light: V: The Man In The Mountain
The Light: VI: Senor Valasco's Mystic Voodoo Love Dance
The Light: VII: The Return Of The Horrible Catfish Man
The Light: VIII: The Dream
The Water: I: Introduction/The Water
The Water: II: When It All Goes to Hell
The Water: III: A Thief in the Night
The Water: IV: FU/I'm Sorry
The Water: V: The Water (revisited)
The Water: VI: Runnin' the Race
The Water: VII: Reach for the Sky
Thoughts (Part II)
Time Has Come
Urban Noise
Walking On The Wind
Waste Away
Welcome To NYC
Wind At My Back

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