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Lyrics of a song Spandau Ballet - REVENGE FOR LOVE

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Don't i need a saviour
just to bail me out
I'll hold my breath until the water lets me out
and I say
alimony never can pay
hey, hey, hey
I'm on the breadline,
your on the answer phone,
you're off the hook,
and I'm left all alone
it's a shame.
passion isn't always to blame,
hey, hey, hey
oh, I don't need time.
just sweet revenge for love.
oh, I don't don't need time,
just sweet revenge for love.
don't say it's a crime
just give me sweet revenge.
I'm undercover,
your love has overgrown,
retaliation is emotion I have shown,
and I say,
all the money never could pay.
hey, hey, hey,
I'm on the level,
you're on the second floor,
I'm counting seconds,
as my hand goes for the door,
pleasure isn't always the same.
hey, hey, hey.

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