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List lyrics of artist Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

99 Degrees
Act Of Love
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
Ain't That Peculiar
All I Needed Was You
All I Want is Everything
All Night Long
All The Way Home
Baby Don't Lie
Back In The USA
Better Days
Blue Radio
Bring It On Home (To Me)
Broke Down Piece of Man
Cadillac Jack
Can't Stop Thinking of You
Change For You, Baby
Check Mr. Popeye
Christmas Is For Everyone
Come Home Little Girl
Coming Back
Don't Look Back
Fanny Mae
First Night
Get Your Body on the Job
Gin Soaked Boy
Gladly Go Blind
Goodbye Love
Got to be a Better Way Home
Got to Get You off My Mind
Hard To Find
Havin' A Party
Hearts of Stone
How Come You Treat Me So Bad?
I Ain't Got The Fever No More
I Can't Dance
I Can't Live Without Love
I Can't Wait
I Choose To Sing The Blues
I Don't Want To Go Home
I Only Want To Be With You
I Played the Fool
I Remember Last Night
I Talk To The Night
I Will Be Strong
I Won't Sing
I'm So Anxious
I've Been Working Too Hard
Into The Mystic
It Ain't The Meat (It's The Motion)
It Hurts
It's Been A Long Time
Keep Our Love Simple
Kill My Love
King Of The Night
Leaving Behind
Light Don't Shine
Little By Little
Little Calcutta
Little Girl So Fine
Living In The Real World
Living With The Blues
Long Distance
Looks Like Rain
Lost In The Night
Love Goes To War
Love is the Drug
Love On The Wrong Side Of Town
Love When It's Strong
Messin' Round With The Blues
Mother Earth
Ms. Park Avenue
My Baby's Touch
New Coat Of Paint
New Romeo
Next To You
No Easy Way Down
No Secret
On The Air
On The Beach
Over My Head
Passion Street
Restless Heart
Rhumba And Coke
Ride The Night Away
River's Invitation
Sam Cooke Medley:
Satan's Shoes
Shake 'Em Down
She Got Me Where She Wants Me
She's Still In Love
Sirens Of The Night
Slow Burn
Slow Dance
Snatchin' It Back
Some Things Just Don't Change
Somebody To Love You
Soul's On Fire
Stagger Lee
Sweeter Than Honey
Take It Inside
Take My Love
Talk To Me
Tell 'Em I'm Broke
Tell Me (That Our Love's Still Strong)
Tell Me Lies
The Beast Within
The Fever
The Right To Walk Away
The Time
This Time Baby's Gone for Good
This Time It's For Real
Till The End Of The Night
Time Is Running Wild
Tired Skin
Train Kept A Rollin'
Trapped Again
Trash It Up
Under The Sun
Wait in Vain
Walk Away Renee
Walking Through Midnight
When The Moment Is Right
When You Dance
Why Is Love Such A Sacrifice
Without Love
You Can Count On Me
You Mean So Much To Me
Your Precious Love
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