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List lyrics of artist Sonic Youth

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The list of albums: EVOL, Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star, A Thousand Leaves, Washing Machine, NYC Ghosts & Flowers, Murray Street, Sonic Nurse, Bad Moon Rising, Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love, Dirty,

'Cross The Breeze
(I Got A) Catholic Block
(She's in a) Bad Mood
Addicted To Love
Androgynous Mind
Bachelors In Fur!
Beat on the Brat
Beautiful Plateau
Beauty Lies in the Eye
Bee-bee's song
Brave Men Run (In My Family)
Brother James
Bull In the Heather
Burnin' Up
Burnin' Up (Mike Watt Orig. Demo)
Burning Shame
Catholic Block
Chapel Hill
Children Of Satan
Children Of Satan/Third Fig
Chinese Jam
Cinderella's Big Score
Computer Age
Confusion Is Next
Contre Le Sexisme
Cork Mountain Incident
Cotton Crown
Coughing Up Tweed
Creme Brulee
Death To Our Friends
Death Valley '69 [Thurston]
Diamond Sea
Dirty Boots
Disconnection Notice
Do You Believe In Rapture?
Doctor's Orders
Dripping Dream
Drunken Butterfly
Dude Ranch Nurse
Early American
Echo Canyon
Eric's Trip
Expressway To Yr Skull
Female Mechanic Now On Duty
Florida Oil Drums
Free City Rhimes
Free City Rhymes
Freezer Burn / I Wanna Be Your Dog
French Tickler
Full Chrome Logic
Funky Fresh
Ghost Bitch
Green Light
Guitar Lick
Hairpiece Lullaby 1 & 2
Hallowed be thy name
Having Never Written A Note For Percussion
He's on Fire
Heather Angel
Hendrix Cosby
Hendrix Necro
Hey Joni
Hi! Everybody
Hits of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)
Hot Wire In My Heart
Hot Wire My Heart
Hotwire My Heart
Hungara Vivo
I Don't Want To Push It
I Don't Want To Walk Around With You
I Dreamed I Dream
I Love Her All The Time
I Love You Golden Blue
I'm Insane
Im Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
In The Kingdom #19
In the mind of the Borgeious Reader
In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader
Into The Groove (y)
Intro (Bad Moon Rising)
Intro (Hold That Tiger)
Invito al Cielo
Is it my Body
Jams Run Free
Junkie's Promise
Justice is Might
Karen Koltrane
Karen Revisited
Karen Revisted
Kill Yr. Idols
Kim's Chords
Kool Thing
Kotton Crown
Lee Is Free
Lights Out
Lincoln's Gout
Little Trouble Girl
MacBeth II
Mackin' For Doober
Madonna, Sean and Me (The crucifixion of Sean Penn)
Madonna, Sean And Me / Expressway To Yr. Skull
Magic Wand
Making The Nature Scene
March Of The Ciccone Robots
Mariah Carey And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
Marilyn Moore
Mary Christ
Master-Dik [Beatbox Version]
Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby
Mildred Pierce
Moon In The Bathroom
Moustache Riders
My Arena
My Friend Goo
My New House
Nevermind (what was it anyway)
New Hampshire
Nic Fit
No Garage
No Queen Blues
Nyc Ghosts & Flowers
O.J.'s Glove Or What?
On The Strip
Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
Our Backyard
Pacific Coast Highway
Panty Lies
Paper Cup Exit
Pattern Recognition
Pay No Mind
Peace Attack
Pendulum Music
Personality Crisis
Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter's Piece)
Piece Enfantine
Pink Steam
Pipeline / Kill Time
Plastic Sun
Platoon II
Pocketful Of Sen-Sen
Pre-Poured Wood
Protect Me You
Psycho Mafia
Quest for the Cup
Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
Rain King
Rain On Tin
Razor Blade
Renegade Princess
Rim Thrusters
Satan Is Boring
Scooter And Jinx
Screaming Skull
Secret Girl
Self Obsessed and Sexxee
Shadow of a Doubt
Shaking Hell
She Is Not Alone
Silver Rocket
Six (3rd Take)
Six (4th Take)
Six For New Time
Skip Tracer
Sleeping Around
Small Flowers Crack Concrete
Smoke Blisters 1 & 2
Smoke Blisters 3 & 4
Snare, Girl
Society Is A Hole
Star Power
Starfield Road
Stereo Sanctity
StreamXsonik Subway
Sugar Kane
Sweet Shine
Swimsuit Issue
Sympathy For The Strawberry
Tabla in suburbia
Teen Age Riot
Teenage Riot
That's all I know (Right Now)
The Burning Spear
The Destroyed Room
The Diamond Sea
The Dripping Dream
The Dynamics Of Bulbing
The Empty Page
The End of the End of the Ugly
The Good And The Bad
The Ineffable Me
The Neutral
The Sprawl
The Velvet Plug
The World Looks Red
Theresa's Sound
Theresa's Sound-world
Third Fig
Thought Bubbles
Titanium Expose
Today Yr. Love, Tomorrow The World
Tokyo Eye
Tom Violence
Total Trash
Touch me I'm Sick
Treatise (Page 183)
Trilogy: a) The Wonder
Trilogy: b) Hyperstation
Trilogy: Eliminator JR
Trilogy: Hyperstation
Trilogy: The Wonder
Trilogy: z) Eliminator Jr.
Tuck N Dar
Tuff Gnarl
Tuff Titty Rap
Tulip Fire 2
Tunic (Song for Karen)
Turqoise Boy
Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening To Neu
Under the Influence of the Jesus and Mary Chain
Under The Infuence Of The Jesus And Mary Chain
Unmade Bed
Voice Piece For Soprano
Washing Machine
Webb Of Mudd 1, 2 & 3
Westminster Chimes
What A Waste
White Cross
Wildflower Soul
Winner's Blues
Wish Fulfillment
Youth Against Fascism
Youth Against Fascism (Hate Song)

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