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Lyrics of a song Skullview - Kings Of The Universe

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Alba s touto skladbou: Kings of the Universe,

Somewhere in a world of future time
You can hear them crying as they die
But the master pays no avail to them at all
He is their god, he is their devil

He controls his spacecraft of fury hate
Travelling the stars, crusching all
For this is his world, a universe
A man of black, master of fools

Kings, merciful ruler, kingdom above
Kings, battle ensues, powers collide

Kings of the universe, let the madness reign
Kings of the universe, light the world in flames

Standing above the world
All the gods join hands
And the stars turn black and the sun burns out
The black cloaked figure laughs
Shooting past saturn and rolling through mars
Mercenaries of a wicked hand
So now you think you've got it all figured out
Let the mercenaries take their final stand

Kings of the universe, let the madness reign
Kings of the universe, light the world in flames

Breaking back to earth
His laughter grows to tears
And now he knows he's all alone
He is dying to live

Nd the bodies of the fallen have risen above
They cast him into flames
And the wings of the future of mankind
Are flying to him again

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