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Lyrics of a song Skid Row - Frozen

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Alba s touto skladbou: Forever Is The World, The Heart Of Everything , Black Symphony , Frozen [single CD], The Heart Of Everything, Medievil, Blackenday, Blessed & Cursed, Anshur-Za, Devilish Act of Creation,

As I stare into the fire
All my thoughts go up in flames
Here I stare into the fire
I'll be waiting on the rain

The box I keep myself in, closes out my air
So I build a fire, so I can sit and stare

Can it be I'm frozen
Can it be I'm frozen
Can it be I'm frozen
Can it be I'm frozen

As I stare into the weather
My eyes drying from the cold
As I stare into the weather
I sense my thoughts growing old

(Repeat Chorus)

I listen to the prophets predict the stem of tides
I stare into the weather that's keeping me inside

(Repeat Chorus)

As I stare into the fire
Will the prophets change my mind
While I stare into the fire
All the colors treat me kind

I'll dust away the fallings the winter leaves for me
I'll stare into the fire and set tomorrow free

(Repeat Chorus)

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