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List lyrics of artist Shonen Knife

(Love Is Like A) Heatwave
A Boogie Monster
A Map Master
Ah Singapore
Ah Singapore ( in album Let's Knife )
An Elephant Insect
Another Day
Antonio Baka Guy
Antonio Baka Guy ( in album Let's Knife )
Banana Chips
Bear Up Bison
Bear Up Bison ( in album Let's Knife )
Black Bass
Blue Oyster Cult
Brown Mushrooms
Buddha's Face
Buggy Bug
Burning Farm
Buttercup (I'm a supergirl)
Butterfly Boy
Catch Your Bus
Catnip Dream
Cherry Bomb
Chinese Disco
CM Song
Cobra Versus Mongoose
Computer Language
Concrete Animals
Cookie Day
Cycling Is Fun
Daydream Believer
Devil House
Devil House ( Let's Knife )
Diet Run
Don't Hurt My little Sister
E.S.P. (Japanese)
Elmer Elevator
Elmer Elevator (Japanese)
Explosion (Japanese)
Expo '90
Faith Healer
Fish Eyes
Fish Parade
Flying Jelly Bean Attack
Frogphobia (Japanese)
Fruit Loop Dreams
Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits & Vegetables (Japanese)
Get The Wow
Golden Years Of Rock'n Roll
Gomi Day
Goose-Step Mama
Heavy Song
His Pet
Hitokui Papaiya (Cannibal Papaya)
Hot Chocolate
Huge Snail
I Am A Cat
I Wanna Be Sedated
I Wanna Eat Choco Bars
Ice Cream City
Insect Collector
It's A New Find
Johnny Johnny Johnny
Kaiki Game
Kame No Tawashi No Teema
Kappa Ex.
Keep On Rockin'
Little Tree
Loop Di Loop
Magic Joe
Mango Juice (for George Harrison)
Mayonnaise Addiction
Milky Way
Mushroom Hair Cut
Music Square
My Favorite Town Osaka
Neon Zebra
Nya Nya
One Week
Parallel Woman
People Traps
Pigmy Jerboa
Public Bath
Punk Rock Star
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Redd Kross
Riding on the Rocket
Riding on the Rocket ( in album Let's Knife )
Roketto ni notte (Riding on the Rocket)
Rubber Band
Shonen Knife
Shonen Knife Planet
Space Christmas
Strawberry Cream Puff
Summertime Boogie
Summertime Boogie (Japanese)
Super Big Black Bass
Sushi Bar
Synthesizer (Bubble Houkai)
The Luck of the Irish
The Moon World
The Perfect World
Till the End Of the Day
Tomato Head
Top Of The World
Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner Theme (Green Tortoise)
Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner Theme (Sea Turtle)
Tower Of The Sun
Tower Of The Sun (Japanese)
Twist Barbie
Watchin' Girl
White Flag
Wild Life
Wind Your Spring
Wind Your Spring (Japanese)
Wonder Wine
Wonder Wine (Japanese)
Zou no Pao Pao

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