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List lyrics of artist SHINee

The list of albums: Amigo, SHINee World, Replay, 2009 Year Of Us, Romeo, Hello, Lucifer, Juliette (JAP), The FIRST (JAP), 1000???????????1000 Years Always By Your Side ?(JAP),

1 Out Of 100 (Jonghyun: King's Dream OST)
1000 Years, Always By Your Side
1?? (One Minute Back)
3 2 1
Alarm clock
Always love
Amigo (japanese version)
Aside (??)
Beautiful (????)
Best place
Better Off
Boys Meet U
Bravo (Leeteuk ft. Key- History Of Salaryman OST)
Breaking News
Burning Up
Colors of the season
Countdown (Dream OST)
Dangerous (Medusa II)
Dazzling Girl
Dream Girl
Dream Girl (Japanese version)
Dynamite (??????)
Electric Heart
Everybody (Japanese ver.)
Excuse me miss
Fly High (Prosecutor princess OST)
Forever or Never
Four seasons
Get down
Girls, Girls, Girls
Green Rain (The Queen's Classroom OST)
Haru (Haru OST)
Hit Me
Hitchhiking (?????)
I'm with you
In My Room
In Your Eyes (Onew: To the Beautiful You OST)
I´m Yours (Jason Mraz cover)
Juliette (japanese version)
Keeping love again
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Last Christmas
Last Gift
Like a fire
Lollipop [ft. f(x) ]
Love Like Oxygen
Love Pain
Love Should Go On
Love still goes on
Love's Way
Lucifer (japanese version)
Moon River Waltz
Moonlight (Onew: Miss Korea OST)
One fine day (Haru OST)
One for me
Please don't go
Punch- drunk Love
Ready or Not
Replay (japanese version)
Replay (Noona Neomu Yeppeo)
Ring Ding Dong
Romeo + Juliette
Run with me
Selene 6.23
Sherlock (Japenese version)
SHINe (Medusa I)
SHINee girl
Shout Out
Sleepless night
So Goodbye (Jonghyun: City Hunter OST)
Stand By Me (Boys Before Flowers OST)
Steps (Taemin: Prime Minister & I OST)
Sunny Day Hero
Talk to You
The name I loved
The Reason
The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)
The SHINee world (japanese version)
The world with you/ The World Where You Exist
To your heart
U (Taemin: To the Beautiful You OST)
Up and Down
Why so serious?
Y Si Fuera Ella
Year Of Us (Y.O.U)
Your Name
??? (Close the Door)
? ? ?? (Queen of New York)
??? (Symptoms)
??? (Orgel)

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