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List lyrics of artist Se7en

The list of albums: 1st Album : Just Listen, Crazy (Digital Single), 2nd Album : Must Listen, 3rd Single Japan : ??????? / Forever, 2nd Single Japan : Style, 1st Single Japan : ? (???), 4th Album : Se7olution, 4th Single Japan : I Wanna…, OST : ??? ???, 1st Album Japan : First SE7EN,

2 Nith
2Yu Wang (??)
Aitai instrumental
Angel Korean
Baby i like you like that
Bai Ri Meng (???)
Because i want live
Better together
Better Together (Jpn ver)
Can You Feel Me
Christmas with you
Digital bounce
Feng Xue Ri Ji (????)
Forever Mind
Get Up And Dance
Girl Friend
Girls instrumental
Honey I know
I Just Know
I just wanna be
I know feat Teddy
I wanna
I'm Going Crazy (Jpn ver)
Im Going Crazy
Interlude (Follow Me)
Interlude (Heaven)
I`m Sorry
I´m Going Crazy (Inst)
Just like a man
Key Of Love
La La La
Last Of Diary
Love story ft.Masta Wu
Luz Control
Make Good Love
Money can't buy my love
Oh No ft. Teddy
Oh~ Ma Girl
Once Just Once
One To Ten
Outro (7 Virus)
Re Qing (??)
Real Luv Story
Red Voice
Reset (Intro)
Roller Coaster
Run feat. G-Dragon & Taekwon
SE7EN´s Love
Se7olution (Intro)
Smile Again
Somebody Else
Somebody Else Korean
Sono mama de
Starting line
Thank U (???)
The One
Understand korean
Unnamed Feeling
Wishy Washy
You´re My Everything
Zhi Dao (??)
? [Light]
?? [Star Dust]
???? (That Guy)
?? ??? (With These Flowers)
? ? ? ??? (feat. Perry)
?? ??? ??? (When I Can't Sing)
??? ?? (I Hope It's You)
?? ?? (Similar Love)
? ?? ??? (Please Go Far Away)
?? (Monologue)
? ?? (Two Steps)
?? (Tattoo)
?? (feat. Jinu)
?? (Goodbye)
?? (I Know)
?? (Pride)
?? Part 2
??.. (Come Back To Me)
??? (I’ll Be A Good Man)
?? ? ?? (One More Time)
???? (Please Say Yes)

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