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List lyrics of artist Sandra

The list of albums: Japan ist weit, Ten on one (The singles), Into A Secret Land, 18 Greatest Hits, Fading Shades, Art Of Love, Back To Life,

(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena
(I´ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena
(Life May Be) A Big Insanity
All You Zombies
Always On My Mind
Angels In My Head
Around My Heart
Behind Those Words
Between Me & The Moon
Bevor er kam
Casino Royale
Celebrate Your Life
Change Your Mind
Children Of England
Crazy Juliet
Dear God... If You Exist
Don't Be Aggressive
Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World)
Don't Cry The Break Up Of The World
Everlasting Love
Fading Shades (Part I)
First Lullaby
Forgive Me
Free Love
Heart Of Wax
Heartbeat (That's Emotion)
Heartbeat (That´s Emotion)
Heaven Can Wait
Hi Hi Hi
I Close My Eyes
I Need Love
I Need Love '95
I Need Love `95
I Want You
In A Heart Beat
In A HeartBeat
In The Heat Of The Night
Infinite Kiss
Innocent Love
Invisible Shelter
Japan Ist Weit
Johnny Wanna Live
Just Like Breathing
Just Like Diamonds
Kings & Queens
La Vista De Luna
Little Girl
Love Is The Price
Love Is The Price (feat. DJ Bobo)
Love Starts With A Smile
Love Turns To Pain
Lovelight In Your Eyes
Maria Magdalena
Maybe Tonight
Midnight Man
Mirror Of Love
Mirrored In Your Eyes
Moscow Nights
Never Before
Nights In White Satin
No Taboo
On The Tray (Seven Years)
Once In A Lifetime
Once Upon A Time
One More Night
Paintings In Yellow
Perfect Touch
Put Some 80ies In It
Put Your Arms Around Me
R U Feeling Me
Sand Heart
Say Love
Seal It Forever
Secret Land
Secrets Of Love
Secrets Of Love (feat. Dj Bobo)
Shadow Of Power
Silence Beside Me
Silent Running
Sisters And Brothers
Son Of A Time Machine
Stay In Touch
Steady Me
Stop For A Minute
Such A Shame
Sun In Disguise
Tell Me More
T?te ? T?te
The Art Of Love
The Journey
The Night Is Still Young
The Second Day
The Skin I'm In
The Skin I´m In
The Way I Am
The Wheel of Time
These Moments
Two Lovers Tonight
Way To India
We'll Be Together
We´ll Be Together
What D'Ya Think Of Me
What Is It About Me
What's Left To Say
When The Rain Doesn't Come
Who I Am
Will You Whisper
Won't Run Away
You And I
You Are So Beautiful
You'll Be Mine
Your Way To India

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