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List lyrics of artist Samael

The list of albums: Blood Ritual, Passage, Era One, Solar Soul, Antigod,

'Till We Meet Again...
A Man In Your Head
Above As Below
After The Sepulture
Angel's Decay
Antigod (Dark Night Remix)
Architect (Bonus Track)
As The Sun
Baphomet's Throne
Bestial Devotion
Beyond The Nothingness
Black Hole
Black Trip
Blood Ritual
Born Under Saturn
Celebration Of The Fourth
Ceremony Of Opposites
Chosen Race
Crown of Evil
Dark Side
Diamond Drops
Door Of Celestial Peace
Earth Country
Era One
Flying High
For a Thousand Years
From Malkuth To Kether
God's Snake
High Above
I Love The Dead
In Gold We Trust
In the Deep
Infra Galaxia
Inside Stairs
Into the dark
Into The Pentagram
Into the Pentagram (2010)
Jupiterian Vibe
Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom
Koh - I - Noor
Last Benediction
Let My People Be!
Liquid Soul Dimension
Macabre Operetta
Marcabre Operetta
Mask Of The Red Death
Messenger Of The Light
Morbid Metal
Mother Night
My Savior
Nautilius & Zeppelin
Night Ride
Of War
On Earth
On The Rise
On the Top of It All
One With Everything
Oriental Dawn
Pagan Trance
Poison Infiltration
Promised Land
Quasar Waves
Radiant Star
Red Unction
Reign of Light
Reign of Light (Live)
Rite Of Cthulhu
Shining Kingdom
Silent Words
Since The Creation
Slavocracy (Live)
Sleep Of Death
Solar Soul
Son Of Earth
Soul Invictus
Sound of Galaxies
Static Journey
Supra Karma
Suspended Time
Telepathic (Remix)
Ten Thousand Years
The Black Face
The Cross
The Dark
The Ones Who Came Before
The Shadow of the Sword
The Third of the Storms
The Truth Is Marching on
Till We Meet Again
To Our Martyrs
Total Consecration
Tribes Of Cain
Under One Flag
Universal Soul
Until The Chaos
Valkyries' New Ride
Virtual War
Wealth and Fortune
Western Ground
Winter Solstice
With The Gleam Of Torches
Worship Him
Year Zero

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