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List lyrics of artist Saga

The list of albums: Images At Twilight, Full Circle, House of Cards, Network, Network * 001 On The Air, Trust, 10,000 Days, Behaviour, Worlds Apart, Heads Or Tales,

(Goodbye) Once Upon A Time
(Walking On) Thin Ice
10,000 Days
10000 Days
A Brief Case
A Night To Remember
a) Leave Her Alone
a) My Name Is Sam (Finding A Friend)
a) Sam's New Friend
a) Screw'em
a) The Cross (Home #3)
a) We Hope You're Feeling Better (The Test)
All Will Change (goodbuy And Good Luck)
All Will Change (Goodbye And Good Luck)
All Will Change (It's Happening To Me)
Alone Again Tonight
Always There
As I Am
Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes (Chapter 11)
b) We Hope You're Feeling Better
Back To Where We Started
Bet On This
Blind Side of Your Heart
Book of Lies
Breathing lessons
Can't You See Me Now?
Careful Where You Step
Cat Walk
Cat Walk (Unabridged)
Chances Are #1
Chase The Wind
Climbing The Ladder
Crown of Thorns
Danger Whistle
Days Like These
Don't Be Late
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)
Don't Bother
Don't Look Down
Don't Look Now
Don't Make A Sound
Don't Put Out The Fire
Don't Say Goodbye
Don´t Look Now
Don´t Make A Stound
Easy Way Out
Fantastically Wrong
Feed The Fire
Follow Me
Geezerz need excitement
Generation 13 (Theme #1)
Give'em The Money
God Knows
God Only Knows
Gonna Give It To Ya
Gotta Love It
Great expectations
Half The Time
Hands Up
Heaven Can Wait
Help Me Out
Here I Am
Hot To Cold
House of Cards
How Are You?
How do i look
How do you feel
How long
Humble Stance
I Believe
I Walk With You
I'll Leave It In Your Hands
I'll Never be Like You #1
I'll Never Be Like You (Once Again)
I'm Back
Ice Nice
If I Were You
Ill never be like you
Images (Chapter 1)
In The Hall of The Mountain King William
Intermission (Bonus Video Track)
It Never Ends
It's Time (Chapter 3)
I´m Back
Keep It Reel
Key to the highway
Leave her alone
Let It Go
Listen To Your Heart
Live At Five
Midnight blue
Mind Over Matter
Money Talks
More Than I Deserve
Mouse In A Maze
My Name Is Sam (Your Time Is Up)
Never Alone
Never Alone (Edited Version)
Nine Lives of Miss Midi
No Man's Land
No regrets
No Regrets (Chapter 5)
No stranger
No Stranger (Chapter 8)
No Strings Attached
Not this way
Not This Way (Chapter 10)
Now is Now
Odd Man Out
Old Man
On The Air
On The Loose
Once in a Lifetime
Once Is Never Enough
One Small Step
Only Human
Only Time Will Tell
Out of the Shadows
Outside Looking In
Password Pirate
Pleasure And The Pain
Push It
Relight my fire
Remember when
Remember When? (Chapter 9)
Return to Forever
Rise and Shine
Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Scratching The Surface
See Them Smile
Shake That Tree
Sleep well my brother
Slow Motion
Snake Oil
Snow fell
So Good So Far
Social Orphan
Solsbury hill
Someone Should
Sonne auf der haut
Sound Advice
Stand Up
Starting All Over
Step Inside
Streets of Gold
Streets of Gold (Chapter 14)
Take A Chance
Take It Or Leave It
That's as far as I'll go
That's How We Like It
That´s How We Like It
The 13th Generation
The banks of the roses
The Call
The Cross
The Flyer
The Interview
The Learning Tree
The Nineties
The One
The Perfectionist
The Pitchman
The Pitchman (Bonus Video Track)
The Runaway
The Security of Illusion
The sky moves sideways phase 1
The Sound Of Strangers
The vendetta
The Vendetta (Still Helpless)
The Victim
The Way of The World
The Writing
Time Bomb
Time To Go
Time's Up
Tired world
Tired World (Chapter 6)
Too Deep
Too Much To Lose
Too Much To Lose (Chapter 7)
Uncle Albert's Eyes (Chapter 13)
Voodoo in you
Waiting In The Wings
Watching The Clock
We hope youre feeling better
We'll Meet Again (Chapter 15)
We've Been Here Before
Welcome To The Zoo
Well meet again
We´ll Meet Again (Chapter 15)
What do i know
What's It Gonna Be
Where are you now
Where's My Money
Why not
Why Not (Single Edit)
Wildest Dreams
Will it be you
Will It Be You Chapter 4
William's Walkabout
Wind Him Up
Without You
Worlds Apart
Worlds Apart (Chapter 16)
Wouldnt It Be Nice
You And The Night
You Know I Know
You Know I Know (Chapter 12)
You Look Good To Me
You Were Made For Me
You're Not Alone
You're Not Alone '97

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