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List lyrics of artist EPMD

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All in the Mind
Apollo Interlude
Back to the Rap
Back Up or Get Smacked Up
Boon Dox
Boy Meets World
Brother on my jock
Brothers From Brentwood L.I.
Brothers on My Jock
Business As Usual
Business is Business
Can't Hear Nothing But the Music
Check 1, 2
Cummin' at Cha
D.J. K La Boss
Do it Again
Do Your Thing
Dungeon Master
Erick Sermon
Fake Homeyz
Female Species
For My People
Freak Out
Funky Piano
Get Off the Bandwagon
Get the Bozack
Get Wit This
Get with this
Give the People
Gold Digger
Head Banger
Here They Cum
Hit Squad Heist
Hittin' Switches
Hold Me Down
House Party
I Saw it Cummin'
I'll Wait
I'm a Boy
I'm Housin'
I'm Mad
Imma Gitz Mine
In the Heat
In the Studio
In the Zone
Intro - Back In Business
Intro - Out of Business
It Wasn't Me, It Was the Fame
It's Going Down
It's My Thing
It's the Ones
It's the Pee
It's the Pee '97
It's Time 2 Party
Jane II
Knick Knack Patty Wack
Kool Kat
Last Man Standing
Leave Your Style Cramped
Let the Funk Flow
Lil Crazy
Live in the Backyard
Man Above
Many Often Wonder
Move On
Mr. Bozack
Never Seen Before
Never Watered Down
No Shorts and No Sleep
Nobody's Safe Chump
Nuttin' Move
Open Fire
Payback II
Phuck it Up Scratch
Play the Next Man
Please Listen to My Demo
Put On
Rap is Outta Control
Rap is Still Outta Control
Respect Mine
Richter Scale
Right Now
Rugged-N-Raw (remix)
Safe Sex
Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2 - Mic Doc)
Set it Off
Smooth Thought
So What Cha Sayin
Stay Real
Steppin' Thru Hardcore
Strictly Business
Strictly Snappin' Necks
Swing It Over Here
Swing Your Own Thing
Symphony 2000
Tell Em
The Big Payback
The Fan
The Funk
The Game
The Hype
The Ill Shit
The Joint
The Message
The Steve Martin
Thought I Lost My Spot
Total Kaos
U Got Shot
What'cha Gonna Do?
Who Killed Jane
Who's Booty
You Gots to Chill
You Gots to Chill '97
You Had Too Much to Drink
You're a Customer

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